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The Smoking Gun The Live CHAT the smelly Rats want hidden

The Story so far, The Gang of lowlifes spent months and months and months setting a Youtuber up, all is in place and gone according to plan, in order to finish there chosen victim, just a small finishing touch is needed.

Now lets be honest this Grand event the final slandering and destructon of a victim of the size and nature of this youtuber, is likened to a FA Cup Final, or the Superbowl of events to the Gang. A Rat is NOT missing this for anything !!  So what a perfect time to list and catch these saddo sickos ..  Sure enough like the fleas they are to the honeypot they come, drooling and getting sexually excited at the mere thought of the final part the plan coming to fruition.

The Story to this and the Points of the sound part of the live chat hangout you can watch on this site   HERE or HERE -------- > DSW HELP NEEDED   It is a good idea to watch the top and bottom videos on there, this will bring you up to speed.

A few people caught and recorded just the audio part the video, and its 4 hours of hell and torture and NOT worth wasting the time on , But on our trimmed version 30 minutes the key points do raise some SERIOUS points and indeed back up the DSW side the story.  So back to the what we call "THE SMOKING GUN" video. 

Not just content with grabbing the video of the liar druggies hangout, alone.  what was specially captured with it was the LIVE CHAT ..  why is this important ?  well on these live hangouts after the show that content is gone and lost ..  So its a place where people chat talk and think its only going to be there for a hour or for the show..  The BIG Leaders - Players would be there for this one, as stated it was like the big Must Not Miss of the Ratters season.  They had gone big league no more just poofaces or your a titty poo poo like the rats old kiddy games.  Now Christopher Lippincott - Logie laughin -Logan Runnin, had hit the big time !! a dominatrix hooker druggy who is going to dish the dirt on their latest victim !!  

So watch the video and you will see who the rats are by name, so you can ban block delete accordingly. Also see if you spot the 2 ? The main BIG Players behind the scenes, who already knew so so much etc.

Music added and sound muted as its speeded up and nobody can listen to that shit longer than 40 minutes tops, so its unfair to make you !!  so nice gentle music added instead.  film is massive and had to stay in HD to keep the typing clarity.

The Smoking Gun The Live CHAT the smelly Rats want hidden  The Smoking Gun The Live CHAT the smelly Rats want hidden

Hmmm  Note Green Goober aka C J  knows to use 514 ?   and dazzathecameraman David Greg - Greig sent the number ?? and yet its Logans show and she only contacted Logan ??  LMAO   yea right  !!! in the broadcast she let slip how she had been in touch with David Greg dazzathecameraman for over a year ?? Listen to the broadcast highlights HERE ...........

and then what is posted on a dazza David Greig video ? by an old team member who found out just How SICK these evil lot are maybe ? when he heard of their blackmail plans , and left had a shower and got clean again.

Chris Lippincott - Charles Todd Finley - Finleys Boats Haltom City Texas USA


The Smoking Gun The Live CHAT the smelly Rats want hidden

The Smoking Gun The Live CHAT the smelly Rats want hidden