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Blackmailer Chris Lippincott Haltom City Texas

Warnings and Information regarding Bad You Tube Users Companies and Friends,of Chris Lippincott  aka "Logan Runnin" also Logan JetsonX "You tube user , a series of films showing Facts from those who try and stifle and silence this on the public domains. Bad to the bone !!!! 

People from learning the truth. A Combination of Both Facts and Humour worth watching .

BLACKMAIL  -  Yes Its True watch the Video and see how using your Kids pictures this smoothy attempts Blackmail

Allow a few seconds for video to upload ,then it will stream smoothly..

Blackmailer Chris Lippincott Haltom City Texas

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When his Partner Charlie Todd Finley was told and asked  what he thought on Chris  Lippincott  he replied "He is a Great Guy" !!!!

So if anyone wants to speak and give your opinions of the blackmail scum

Speak to Todd  at Finleys Boat Restorations  ( outside USA add  001 )   817-726-9998

 Blackmailer Chris Lippincott Haltom City Texas

logans lies initial meeting and how easily he can lie and not even blink a eye ..

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 Blackmailer Chris Lippincott Haltom City Texas