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 Kid Pics Dealer Chris of  Finleys Boats caught a  YouTube Angry father Speaks out

Logan Runnin AKA Logan JetsonX A Further ANGRY Father shares his views and experiences and note, He does still work For Finleys ,if you employed him ,would you admit it ?

Note The anger in the Voice of this Decent You Tuber when he finds not only has this Chris Lippincott, Blackmailed him but Tries selling his collection of Kids pics online or

with his usual tactics of trying to frame others to hide his tracks, does so on this You Tube users channels .


2 Weeks after He Told everyone he had left Finley`s Boats Texas and After His Partner /(boss) Told this angry father the Bum had moved on , surprise surprise NOT !!

He produced a couple of home videos showing them "Both" To be Liars .

mp4 version - On this mp4 version Note`  How such lies just roll of the tongue without a slight tremor , such a natural ,it is this skillset that makes him RatPacks top chatter and number 2 on the Team ...

Watch the Full Video proving yet again the Guy Lies Big Time !! 

NOTE-  "This is very HD Film Video so may drag a tad, best is to Pause let it run then play it"

Heres The Final Provided Testimony Exhibit Nail in The Coffin of Finley`s Boat Total Restoration and Chris Lippincott aka JetsonX Logan Runnin and more

Final joint Lies of Finleys Boats and Logan Runnin Haltom City.

wmv hd version


BOATS HALTOM CITY Lies Threats Blackmailers partnership bonds Finleys Boats texas