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 Lippincott Logan Runnin of Finley`s Boats Texas Selling Kid pics online Captured

Not only does Chris Lippincott aka Logan Runnin  aka JetsonX Logie laughin blackmail,lie,and more, he loves to play stir the youtube and use fake channels and steal identities    !!  watch and see him caught to rights,by his own stupidity on you tube identities ,as he posts and attempts selling his kids pics under his own and others names . The mistake he made ? he forgot the google plus pages ,and after clearing videos and changing name from his many many disguises,   yep not the sharpest tool in the box ,but definately the baddest !!!


So you heard the rumours on youtube ? Yes here is the original capture of Logan JetsonX doing a bit of Impersonation and pic selling online .

Full wmv super HD version below.. if you need to read the small print etc,,

"Sorry this video is uploaded in super hi definition , to show you small url tracks etc, as such can hang a tad ,so best start it pause it,grab a cuppa,go shopping,then watch it , No not really that bad , have spoken with Techy Guy told him get streaming sorted,so !!  Fingers crossed just a cuppa should suffice"



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Chris Logan Runnin Self Indicement on Video