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Christopher N Lippincott Evil Drug Taking Kids pic dealer and Drooler over little boys of Finleys Boats Haltom City Texas Exposed.

FOR FULL INFO After watching small sample videos check out YouTubeRats get a "sick bag ready" and see who is behind the gang out to trash youtube.

Chris Lippincott Evil Drug Taking Kids pic dealer and drooler of Finleys Boats Haltom City Texas exposed.


SICKO alarm bells ring here, ALL who associate MUST be warned and avoided , DANGER Bells Christopher N Lippincott of Haltom City Texas is EVIL beyond all belief. Finleys Boats Texas top Partner, when not to drugged up likes nothing more than blackmail and drooling and swapping kids pics with his other sick friends on youtube, and beyond.  WATCH and keep clear or it could be your kids they drool on next !!! AND Stand up for decency and stop this mad sick drug taking looney and his close sick pals !!!  GOOD  MUST beat evil and this guy and his pals are evil and sick in the head .. THIS IS ALL FUN To them ..  check out Youtuberats for all the shitty RATS !!  & AVOID ON or OFF Line. They are the Criminal Shit of the world ..

Christopher N Lippincott Evil Drug Taking Kids pic dealer and Drooler over little boys of Finleys Boats Haltom City Texas

FOLLOW Link above PAY Your Money and see for yourselves

NOTE  -  ACTUAL BODILY INJURY "FAMILY MEMBER"  Yes thats about the normal for Lippincott and his friends . kids and Women !!!


Christopher N Lippincott Evil Druggy Finleys Boats Haltom City Texas

EXAMPLE OF WHAT  DANGEROUS SICKO WIFE & WOMEN BEATERS DO !!!   Anyone who thinks this is Cool is a sicko !!


FAMILY BEATER -  Christopher Lippincott - Logan Runnin & Charles Todd Finleys Partner in Crime !!  So many crimes it will make you sick to the stomach !!!!

SPOT THE Hawaii connection and the emails ..& alias

DO NOT Believe how deep this goes watch the videos. a small tip of the Sick iceberg !! and follow youtuberats and others for the real inner depth look at the bunch of sleazes... and be prepared to be sick !!!

"NOTE OLD PC,s - May need Silverlight which is FREE by microsoft to play these vids. and "Opera browsers" do not support Silverlight, so try Firefox or IE or Chrome or something else..should a problem be found"

BLACKMAIL  -  Yes Its True watch these few sample Video´s and see how using your Kids pictures this smoothy attempts Blackmail. And spot the clues.

 First THE Absolute usual bullshit Christopher Drugyshitbrain Lippincott - (Lippencott uses fake id often )Logan, story of how it was a one off video in a hot headed moment is shown as lies, then see as he shows his own poopoo face on his channel was done by himself,

with one of his many fake accounts..  TRUST ME This shit is bad news and "ANYONE" who even speaks to him "MUST" be as sick as him . 

MUTED In parts as he was naming names and what he wants to do with the kids !!  The SICKO


NOTE;  above is a OLD VIDEO -  Druggy Lippincott DOES NOT Live at SHAMROCK MOTEL - he moved to the rear of Finleys Boats. 


When his Partner/Boss was told and asked  what he thought on Christopher N Lippincott  he replied "He is a Great Guy" !!!!

So if anyone wants to speak and give your opinions of the blackmail scum Partners in Youtube Bullying & why they find it fun to trash youtubers? NOTE;

Lippincott Logan Runnin is STILL In employment-Partnership with Chaz Finley - Todd Finley will say he is Not, but he is and he is covering as new info has them in bed together with the scummy youtube trashing People for fun.

Speak to Todd Finley - "Chaz Charlie Todd Finley" at Finleys Boat Restorations, who funds and helps his "sport"and Laughs at youtubers ..lines open 24/7 -   ( Outside USA add 001 )   817-726-9998

Maybe ringing is not your thing, well if your a facebooker pop in and let him know decent people do NOT do what Him, and his sick Drug sidekick partner Christopher Lippincott DO EVERY Day .

& Ask WHY? he uses Todd Finley only? why not the Charlie Todd Finley ?  WHAT Is he hiding with id changes ???

The 2 Facebooks - Todd Finley Logans Partner  & there "Finley´s Total Boat Restorations"

Finley even covered for him again today. "(YET he was there in background sniggering with that sicko laugh)" !! Whilst he said he went 2 years ago. said he caught him wanking in the toilet . yea now tells you exactly the mindset of Finleys couple of SICK Pervy freaks !!  COVERING CRIMES Yet again !!  with filth , say no more .



Christopher Lippincott - Finley Boat Restoration Druggy Scum (right in picture ) with his friend Shawn ..



Logan Runnin AKA Logan JetsonX A Further ANGRY Father shares his views and experiences

NOTE !!!  He says in this Video he has left Finleys , That at this moment is NOT correct they assume by saying so it will be so.  Ask yourself ?

Would you admit to employing or even knowing him ? WHAT IS A MAN Who is involved Going to say? He is not here is the Obvious !!  SHIT sticks with SHIT  FACT.. Watch the Exclusive Guilty As Video below after this one  ..He is there still at Finleys ..

MP4 Version Top


Charles Todd Finley - THE Is he innocent or not ?? WATCH You Decide ? & More of "A Day in the Life" as TROLL gang Members ... must watch FILM..

MP4 Version TOP

THIS Applies To ALL who helped in the crime and Assist Evil 666  Team in there plan to OWN youtube ..


Finleys Boats Haltom City Texas Exposed

WHAT Was the promise to Peter and his wife and family ? he will show all and  pass the Grandkids pics to all his mates to have a wank over ..unless !!  Pete WDHCo quits and closes his youtube channel !!

HOW SICK Is this Christopher Lippincott ?  THAT SICK ..   Him and Chaz Charlie Todd Finley of Finleys Boat Restorations in Haltom City , Texas.. MUST be the sickest out there surely..




Christopher Lippincott - Logan Runnin seems to be known locally for encounters with small kids, these videos he made will explain the strange reason why? Him telling kids to keep the noise down, should warrant Police swooping and leaving him hid in the bathroom? Seems maybe the locals already know what a creepy person he is and what exactly did happen to him and the little kids..  Watch and decide , remember Chris Lippincott IS The biggest Liar EVER walked the earth.. " So read between the lines"



Ask YOURSELF When have you ever known Police called to a simple kids telling off ...  WARNING SIGN YET AGAIN !! ..



Wondered What his state of mind is? Listen to his small rant and use of his favorite weapon the baseball bat to a boat owner.

Speaks for itself and this was a calm day ! Picture below is at his winter CASH in hand job . Finleys is more summer time and slacker so extra cash in hand works well for the Finley operation as he can claim unemployment whilst getting cash, in this establishment.  YES Law and taxes NOT on the list.. To Scumbags..